Fee Structure


Fees for A Levels and A-S Levels W.E.F 1st July 2018

Admission Fees: Rs. 60,000

Security Deposit: Rs. 15,000 (refundable)

Annual Fee: Charged per month

Monthly Breakup Rupees
Tuition Rs. 20,000 / month
Hire of Text Books Rs. 2,206
Additional Subject Fees Rs. 5,000
Library/ IT Resources Rs. 1,500
Exam/Test Material/ Handouts Rs. 1,000
Laboratory/ Audio Visual Rs. 2,000
Councelling Rs. 1,500
Security Rs. 1,000

Fees for Diploma

Rs. 40,000

Please note that any paid fees is non-refundable

* Security Deposit is refundable only after completing A Levels

Security Deposit will not be refunded if student leaves in the middle of the session.


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