Fee structure of LLM; Postgraduate Diploma in Laws; Postgraduate Certificate in Laws



Either    Whole fee:




Postgraduate Diploma



Postgraduate Certificate



Or     Modular Fees;

Registration Fee



Fee per module



Individual modules taken on a stand-alone basis

Composite regsitration and examination fee (per module)



Fee for extension of registration, per annum, per individual module



Other Fees     (where applicable)

Examination resit fee (per module)



Application for accredation of prior learning (per module)



Fee for changing module (per module)



What to Pay

Fees may be paid in one of two ways:

either a single payment, covering the registration fee and all module fees for the LLM, PG DIP, PG Cert or stand-alone Individual module

or the registration fee plus the fees for the modules to be studied in the first year. To be registered, you must pay at the same time both the registration fee and the fee for at least one module. In subsequent years, only the fees for any new modules are payable.

Where applicable, you are requested to pay the following fees for the programme in full and in accordance with the University's deadlines:

The registration fee is payable in order to be registered with the University as an International Programmes Student

The module fee is payable once per module and includes the first entry for the examination.

Other costs
Besides the fees payable to the University, you should budget for other costs including:

the cost of any local educational support

a fee for the production of official transcripts the extra fees levied by your local examination centre to cover their costs each time you sit an examination.

Fees tend to increase by three to five percent each year.

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