Fee structure of undergraduate Programmes

The following example is based on a student who complete in the minimum three-year study period, without resists. The example uses 2015-2016 fees, effective from 1 March 2015.

LLB Certificate of Higher Education in Common Law


Application handling fee (non-refundable)


Registration fee


Continuing registration fee


Examination fees:

Examination fee per 30 credit module


Credit transfer/Accreditation of prior learning fee (per module)


Full year'€™s transfer fee (Credit transfer/Accreditation of prior learning)(3 or 4 modules)


Laws Skills Pathway 1 (Dissertation)


Laws Skills Pathway 2 (Research project)



Individual modules taken on a stand alone basis


Application handling fee / application handling fee for presently registered LLB students


Individual module fee (includes an examination attempt)


Extension of registration fee (per annum, per Individual module)


Re-sit fee for one paper



Other Fees (where Applicable)

Late registration fee*


When to Pay

The application handling fee is payable when you make your application. The closing date for applications is 1 October. If you meet the entrance requirements, you will be invited to register.

The initial registration fee is payable in order to be registered with the University as an International Programmes student. The closing dates for LLB initial registration and Certificate of Higher Education in Common Law initial registration are 30 November and 31 October respectively.
The examination fee is payable when you choose to enter an examination. Examination entries are accepted from mid-December to the closing date of 1 February. The examination fees also apply to students entering resit or referred papers in November after the May or June examinations.

The continuing registration fee is payable in the second and subsequent years of registration at the time when you confirm the modules that you will be registered for during that year. The closing date for continuing registration is 1 November.
An extension of registration fee is payable if you are permitted to extend your period of registration for a stand-alone Individual module. Such requests may be made throughout the year.
*A late registration fee of 100 will be charged if payment is not received by the deadlines specified for initial or continuing registration.

An application fee may be payable if you wish to have prior learning considered for accreditation on, or transfer to, the degree programme. A full year’s transfer fee is payable if a whole year of prior learning is transferred to the degree. Such applications may be made throughout the year.

How to pay

Please see: http://www.londoninternational.ac.uk/applications-admissions/costs/ways-pay

Other Costs

In addition to fees payable to the University, you should budget for textbooks (this may well be in the region of 300 per year if you are taking four modules in one year) and the cost of any course or tuition you choose to take or (for the Certificate of Higher Education in Common Law) are required to take.
You should also budget for the fee levied by your local examination centre. Examination centre fees are not included within the fees set out above. This fee will vary from centre to centre and you should contact your proposed examination centre(s) for details of their fees to factor them in to the overall cost of completing the programme. You can find contact details for all our examination centres here.
The University of London is only responsible for the examination centre fee charged at London centres. You will be charged 50 per sitting when using London examination centres.


Fees are subject to annual revision. The University reserves the right to amend previously announced fees, if necessary. Generally, students whose fees are paid by sponsors will be expected to correspond directly with their sponsor regarding fees. The University can provide an invoice, if needed, upon request. Materials will not be despatched and VLE access will not be available until fees have been received.


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