Message from the Principal:

As we began to teach for the University of London International Programmes, it was gratifying to feel that we were providing a service to education. The opportunity for students to study for a prestigious and recognized foreign degree, at a fraction of the cost they would pay abroad was a contribution to higher education.


When one is taking the first step in academia financial gains should be kept in the background and the top priority should be the contribution being made to higher education and success in life of the students. We have worked to develop a school of business and law with a spirit of modesty so that a foundation could be laid for an institute comparable to international standards.


It may be a dded here that we have placed equal importance to the LLB degree of the University and to the BSc degree programme under the academic guidance of the London School of Econo mics and Political Science.


As can be gleaned from the above, there have been several years of graduate classes leading to BSc and LLB. The results of the different sessions greatly depend on the student's ability and their dedication towards studies. Some of our students have graduated from our college and others have moved on to other universities in UK after completing the first or second year with us.

I believe in nurturing knowledge in an open and liberal environment. Perhaps this is the reason why some of our alumni are placed well and are making an impact through their work and achievement to their organization and society at large.


I always urge and facilitate our teachers to avail any opportunity for upgrading their knowledge and teaching skills. When we started most of our teachers needed g uidance to the University of London Externa l Programme . By providing them with the University of London study material and syllabuses they extended their knowledge. It was gratifying to receive acknowledgement of this fact from our teachers at a recent get together.


Special thanks are extended to the visitors to the International School of Business and Law from the University to give us encouragement. They have included in the past:
Ms. Judith Brooks

Ms. Rosemary Gosling Director, LSE External Study,
Dr. David Brownrigg and his colleagues from Goldsmith.


I would also like to take this opportunity to thank the Management of the British Council, Karachi, EDEXCEL and the University of Cambridge Boards for their cooperation.


Iqbal Shafiq



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