Kirstie OMahony – Editor-in-Chief & Jennifer Sterne – Former Editor-in-Chief with Iqbal Shafiq the first Editor of The Mancunion.

About Iqbal Shafiq

from an interview published in Dawn Newspaper dated February 4, 2018

Many years ago, a young Pakistani student at the University of Manchester launched what has now become Britain’s largest student newspaper.

Soon after the launch, the Guardian daily newspaper gave a write up abput the founder of the Mancunion. This gave Shafiq great encouragement. The Mancunion has now become Britains's biggest student newspaper.

After being awarded a degree in Economics, Shafiq pursued his postgraduate qualification specializing in Accounting with Law. He gained experience in a prestigious management firm and Oxford University Press in London.

He is currently running the International School of Business and Law in Karachi, a recognized college in the field og British degree programmes, A levels and short Diplomas.

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